Essay On Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart is best known for being the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, but could she have also been paving a way for women rights without people even noticing it. While she did advocate for women rights Ms. Earhart was able to prove women can be as tough and women should not be confined to what society thinks they should be. Even attending six different high school Ms. Earhart graduated with excellent grades and would often keep a journal of all the positive movements towards women rights. Amelia Earhart flight across the Atlantic inspired a generation of women to fight in World War I and World War II. In War World I, it was the beginning of women stepping out of traditional gender roles and taking on roles that were, at the time, consider for men. Before…show more content…
Amelia Earhart and the women of WASP often felt the same about flying, “By the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly,” Amelia Earhart said after riding in her first plane ride. Women of WASP often loved the freedoms that came with flying but it was also hard work according to one of the female pilots, “I loved every minute of it but it was not was easy. It was hard work, and I came back from trips pretty tired.” Not only did Amelia Earhart and the women of WASP enjoy flying but it also took hard work to get their flying licenses and prove themselves to men. Before the women of WASP became women of WASP they had to do sixty to seventy hours of primary training to advance to be allowed to be in WASP. Some men were not sure that the program would last however they came to the realization women could fly just as well as women at least according to Arnold who said "Now in 1944, it is on the record that women can fly as well as
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