Essay On American Consumerism

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The American wealthy ‘difficult decision’ is which sport car to drive to work: blue, red or yellow. Or where to go for vacation, Paris or New York. American consumerism places gains or importance upon satisfying excessive consumption of material goods or services. Beyond any reasonable needs or even wants. Basic consumption is to satisfy basic human needs-safety, shelter, food, clothing, health care, education. Even though, it is nice to have the opportunity to ride in different cars or visit different places, American consumerism should not places value on materialism, unimportant possessions because corporation influence to newest possession, values and morals have changed, and influential government. Meanwhile, Konkuk University writer Seungsin Lee suggest that compulsive…show more content…
Supreme Court ruled in 1942 that states could regulate commercial speech at will. But in 1976, the Court granted constitutional protection to commercial speech. Corporations have used this new right of speech to proliferate advertising into nearly every nook and cranny of life” (Ruskin, 488). Starting with advertisements to elementary students to high school students about newest foods, drinks, miscellaneous items that they were told they needed. To product placement on children’s television and books, companies spending billions of dollars on children advertisement alone. And corporations endorsing large cities from millions of dollars. This ruling is the beginning of commercializing the importance of possessions and changing American consumerism. Although, driving into work in the latest Porsche model would be awesome but not place value on materialism is the true American way. Americans have the true power to change consumerism in the future by changing corporation influence, having a clear set of one’s values and morals before a corporation setting one’s values, morals and needs and finally letting the government hear one’s concerns about consumerism becoming a social
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