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When you hear the words American Culture what to do tend to think about? When I hear the words American Culture I tend to think about society, and how it has influenced my life. Society itself is influenced by the people and the culture within it. When actors or actress dress in something different people will also dress that way. When you have a culture that heavily populates an area, that culture will be heavenly influenced in that area. There may be restaurants or stores that will mostly carry the cultures items and/or products. Americans do not realize that American Culture impacts them every day. When they go shopping for new clothes at the store that a friend posted about on their Snapchat and when they decided to try something new to…show more content…
Hands down technology would be the biggest impact on American culture. There are both positive and negative effects of technology on American culture. The positive affect of technology on American culture are; enabling people to keep in touch with family and old friends, getting rid a sense of isolation, expressing passionate hobbies, etc,. They also help with law enforcement, art, language, education, mobility, religion, and health. The negative effects of technology on American culture are; couples cheating on each other, narcissistic people try to display or gain popularity, and children’s lives. Children in this generation cannot comprehend anything without technology. It has come so involved with their lives that when children don’t have technology is when they notice how much they use it when they do not have it. How the effects of technology on American culture impact me are how much I use technology every day. I depend on technology to learn, to do my school work, and to stay in touch with family and friends who do not live close to me. I am not a person to constantly stay on my phone and keep up with the latest trends but I am someone who uses technology to stay on top of my education. Overall, technology has a huge impact on American culture and on

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