Essay On American Flag Desecration

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The American Flag should be protected from desecration because it is a symbol of what this country has fought for, what we continue to fight for, and how amazing of a country the United States really is. I am very much against desecration of the American flag because it disrespects something that means so much to me and so many other people in this country. The American Flag isn’t just something that hangs on a pole outside someone’s house or business, it is a symbol of what this country has fought for since it was founded on July 4, 1776. It is a symbol of all the brave men and women that have lost their life fighting to protect this country and making it the great country that it is today. One of the reasons why I feel the American flag should …show more content…

We have been through a lot and we continue to go through different things. The different things that we continue to go through, in my opinion, continues to put more and more meaning behind the American flags and our beliefs as Americans. When people do anything bad to the flag, it’s like they don’t even want to be an American or they aren’t proud to be an American. In the article, ACLU: Lafayette ‘flag desecration’ Arrest unconstitutional, I found this quote “Police said video from another surveillance camera showed the same man tearing up another flag in front of a business”. In another article, Judge: man won’t be prosecuted for flag ‘desecration’, I found this quote “Allegheny Township police charged Brubaker with two flag desecration crimes. Maliciously hanging or taking down a flag and mutilating a flag.” I understand that this isn’t against the law, but I also feel the actions from the 2 different men were very wrong. I feel like people should never do this because it is like they are trying to express they hate America and hate being an American. The last reason why the flag should be protected from desecration is because it is a symbol of how amazing of a country the United States really

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