Essay On American Freedom

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Does American receive too much freedom? The United States is always one of the top countries of immigration in the world. Most of people want to come to the United States because of the freedom in this country. In their countries, they cannot discuss about their government, or they do not have the right to join in religion that they like. Many basic rights of human are limited in their countries. Therefore, these people want to immigrate to the United States to looking for a freedom. I am an immigrant, and I came to the United States because of this reason as well. However, after only 2 years living in the United States, I think the American are received too much freedom in society in the present days. For example, looking for a freedom in religion is the main purpose of American in the first day of shaping our nation. The Pilgrims group came to the New World because they want to separate from the Anglican Church and look for the freedom in worship. Moreover, the First Amendment of the United States protests religious freedom. However, in the present days, based on their religious belief system, many American including government officers avoid to server same sex couple…show more content…
Pursuing equality is the goal that our Framers tried to achieve when they shaped our nation. However, I think in the present days, equality does not manifest enough in our nation. All we see just only the float of the ice in the society of America. We still have discrimination between Black and White people. When many White police killed Black people by gun without any clear evidence, these events have created a wave of countrovesail about racial discrimination in our nation. My aunt has a nail shop, and she and her workers still serve Black people, but they like to serve White people rather Black people. This is a preconception of society, and I think that we still need a long time to delete these preconceptions to achieve equality in our
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