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Two major competitors of American Home Shield (AHS) are Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and First American Home Warranty (FAHW) . Choice Home Warranty is typically considered one of biggest competitors in the area of price, so they immediately draw customers to their website to seek more information about their company. CHW website has a great amount of information listed which I would not necessarily consider this factor as what makes it more superior than American Home Shield’s website, but it does offer more accessibility to specific information. CHW has website tabs specific to real estate agents and those going through a real estate transaction and offers this information in a very detailed manner. I would expect this feature to cause less …show more content…

FAHW’s website looks very similar to AHS website in simplicity of navigation and the color scheme. One factor that First American has in their favor is the similarity in their company name and website which at times can confuse customers in doing business with the another company, assuming it is AHS. First American also does a great job of compounding some features from Choice and American Home Shield's website by offering similar information as Choice, but in a simplified format (“FAHW”, 2017). One aspect of American Home Shield’s website that is more superior is the functionality of the website. It offers a great amount of simplicity and directions for consumers and also includes a blog for homeowners. This blog offers great tips for homeowners in different areas such as lawn care, decor, etc. which is a great format way to keep homeowners informed. This can be seen as more superior as AHS is offering helpful tips to homeowners whether or not they purchase the warranty. Offering information and detail upfront is seen as trustworthy and works in the company’s favor. AHS also offers great accessibility to their company online which includes their contract (“AHS”,

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