Argumentative Essay: The Definition Of American Identity

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Any definition of the American identity involves two very opposing ideals: it must allow for cultural diversity and yet also define a need for assimilation to common expectations. It must reflect the diverse roots of its culture as well as allow for common experiences shared across lines of race, ethnicity, or religion. The early settlers found a wilderness that needed to be cleared and tamed for the establishment of a respected community. Later, it was recognized as a land of natural resources and opportunity that attracted its citizens and immigrants alike with the promise of employment and prosperity. Still later, the American identity recognized the need for its government to protect the land and its individuals, serving as a tool for…show more content…
Grant was a great battle leader and was instrumental in winning the Civil War that lead to the emancipation of black slaves. He saw a great need to protect the rights of all Americans. As president, Grant vigorously enforced the 14th and 15th amendments and prosecuted thousands of people who violated African American civil rights, using the power of his militia to stop the Ku Klux Klan and an uprising against black Republicans in Louisiana. Grant signed the Civil Rights Act of 1870 and1875 that allowed all citizens equal access to public restaurants, hotels, and places of entertainment. He worked on a peace policy for Indians and went on to reform the western Indian agencies hoping to protect their rights to freedom of religion and property. Recognizing the importance of protecting the land from too much development, Grant increased public awareness of the natural beauty of the area around Yellowstone by signing a bill in March 1872 that established the Yellowstone region as the nation's first national park. Referring to the Chinese immigration as a form of slavery, Grant claimed that “the great proportion of the Chinese immigrants who come to our shores do not come voluntarily, to make their homes with us and their labor productive of general prosperity, but come under contracts with headmen, who own them almost absolutely.” He wanted to assist these immigrants. Unfortunately, Grant’s Cabinet contained some members with questionable ethics and this resulted in a
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