Essay On American Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

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United States Imperialism in the late 19th century was very selfish time. Many people in that time, debated about whether are not benefiting our country was the right way or the wrong way. The motiving factors that impacted our imperialism are economic, military, and cultural. These factors impacted the American Imperialism from 1890-194 by having control over weaker territories meeting our expanding needs. The economic interest for America was to support the industrial boom of the 1800s the U.S. needed. The United States had limited raw resources and to make more money for new markets. The only way was industries nations by taking non-industrialized nations to use their raw materials and expand markets. America wanted to annex the Philippines…show more content…
America wanted to civilize them from the issues that is occurring. According to Document 4, “America is trying to show how the Filipinos that America can make their “dreams” come true erasing their problems with freedom, education, and justice.” The Filipinos wanted the independence, making US leader seizing the opportunity to control the Philippines by showing pull factors. United States didn’t really care about the issues going on in the Philippines. Controlling Philippines allows the United States a mid pacific port for trade purists. American wanted to control the Philippines government to get closer to China for trading. Another interest is access to trading. According to Document 1, “Process of three hundred years of superstition in religion, dishonesty in dealing, disorder in habits of industry, and cruelty, caprice, and corruption in government. It is barely possible that 1,000 men in all archipelago are capable of self-government.” US President, McKinley believed they couldn’t govern themselves against other nations. Believing that US was required to civilize people by introducing them to American style of
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