Essay On American Independence

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People may ask why the americans desired independence, but that was not originally what they wanted. Nowt that time has past and the United States Of America are now an independent nation, I believe that declaring independence was a great idea because of the successful things it has helped create. The Americas was a great opportunity for many British who wanted to start a new life in the Americas. Except it was soon found to be a terrible idea after the amount of taxes they made them pay for necessary things apart of their culture. In the evidence it states, “After months of protest in the colonies, Parliament finally voted to repeal the Stamp Act in March 1766. Most colonists continued to quietly accept British rule…show more content…
They wanted nothing to do Britain because it prevented them from trading and communication with Britain 's enemies. This made sense for most of the colonists and saying that they will never be able to do what they want as a country if they are apart of a powerful yet despised empire of the world. Explain why it mattered that the colonists decided to break free It mattered a lot more than realized at the time because of the effect it had on the Colonies, Britain and the rest of the World. It allowed America to become free and prosper into a great nation. It also opened a gateway into something of a quarrel with many competing countries because they thought Great Britain was vulnerable because they had lost to their once controlled subjects, who were poorly trained and equipped with weapons to win a war. The declaration independence was an important piece in history that changed many lives,
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