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The Amur Leopard is an animal that is usually known as the "zoo leopard" as it looks like what you would see when you think of a leopard. But this leopard is going extinct and it is only getting worse. The downsides of having the Amur Leopard going extinct are that other species will be overpopulated and being able to move a notch up the food chain. If this were to happen the ecosystem would be in a terrible state because other animals that are used to the Amur Leopard wouldn't be able to use it and such. If the Amur Leopards go extinct another species of animal will go extinct due to human activity like poaching, destruction of habitat, and pollution. Without the Amur Leopard some animals could be overpopulated causing an unbalanced ecosystem which then affects the people because they will have to step in to stop the growth. by believing in a cause like this people would be able to help the Amur Leopard with public awareness. Lately the Amur Leopard has been gaining popularity with organizations that will help it regain population.
Have you ever heard of Albert Schweitzer? He once said that “Each individual organism has a right to survive without human interference.” This means that
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If you do, you receive a care package with an Amur leopard doll and other items. This is due to ATLA and other organizations that want to spread public awareness. Public awareness is a extremely important because with it the Amur Leopard and other endangered species will be known and they will be seen as endangered so more people with having knowledge of how to help. This has been in effect for about ten years now and it is effective. ("Amur Leopard") This is one of the ways that ATLA has been fighting for the Amur Leopard by spreading public knowledge of the Amur Leopard people know about it and how to be more environmental toward habitats that hold endangered

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