Essay On An Ideal Mother

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Who is an ideal mother and what qualities does she possess? Being a mother is more than delivering your baby and protecting them from harm. Mothers have to ensure that their child thrive in addition to just live. An ideal mother makes sure that her child has unconditional love and support. An ideal mother makes sacrifices and provisions for her child. Furthermore an ideal mother encourages her child to succeed. She puts her child on top of all other priorities. A mother’s first instinct should be to protect her child no matter what. An ideal mother makes her child feel wanted, loved and cared for. An ideal mother cares more about what her child thinks than what society thinks. She contributes her life to her family. Being an ideal mother isn’t…show more content…
She provides a safe and warm home, she loves and cares for her child unconditionally, teaches them morals, manners, respect and discipline, ensures that they are content and satisfied with themselves, she praises them when need be. She listens to their concerns and allows them to voice their opinion. An ideal mother has her family backs and teaches them to fend for themselves. She offers all the love; lots of hugs and kisses. She asks for her child’s opinion and sees its importance. Most importantly, she spends quality time with them. Her child is her top priority. An ideal mother gives her child advice and states her reasons for what she considers are wrong. In other words, she doesn’t just tell her child ‘no’ she explains why she says no. She sets boundaries and gently disciplines her child. She encourages her child to do their best. She’s her child’s first friend, but she knows that she is their mother and not their friend. She is able to survive through the good and bad and share those experiences with her child. She listens to her child and is there for them no matter the circumstance. Not all ideal mothers are happy, but she sets her sadness aside and hides it behind a smile. An ideal mother contributes to the building up of a nation and opposes
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