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Mystery & Egypt, Egypt & mystery. Mystery and Egypt rhymes together quiets well. Ancient Egypt was all about Gods, curses, tombs & pharaohs. All the great civilizations in the world have their powerful God & Goddess. Egypt is not different from them. There Gods were powerful, forceful & mystical.
1. Amun Ra
Amun Ra was the most powerful God over entire Egypt (Link 1). Egyptian considers him as the King of Gods & God of Kings. He is the oldest & most worshipped God over entire Egypt. Amun ra means hidden light. He is the supreme God of ancient Egypt & also honored by this two designations- Lord of Truth & Father of Man. He is also known as Lord of Thrones of two lands & Lord of Wisdom. Amun Ra was so much successful in replacing the God of war Montu,
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She is the Goddess of motherhood, magic & fertility.
It is said that Isis cried a lot when her husband Osiris died, her tears filled the river Nile & that is why Nile still flows to this day.
Isis magic spells were simple but powerful. She is known as the Queen of Heaven, Mother of All Gods & The one who is all.
3. God Min
Min was a highly powerful God. He could make men more masculine, potent & sexually more active than ever. He was the ultimate power of nature. He was also the God of uninterrupted rain.
Min festival was arranged honoring him by the persisting pharaoh. Pharaoh would water the agricultural fields as it is believed Min inspected the rituals. Min is pre royal God who existed even before the advert of great royal families. Min was very famous in deltaic city of Chemmis & Koptos.
His sacred animals were a huge and a whitish bull while his unique personal plant long lettuce.
4. Goddess Amunet
Also called Amonet, Amaunet, Amentet, Amentit, Imentet, Imentit & Ament. She is the feminine form of Amun. In classical term Amunet is snake headed God or a God bearing the snake head because she was originally a bisexual

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