Essay On Ancient Egyptian Practices

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The Ancient Egyptians held several practices and beliefs that influenced the way that they lived their lives. The three main practices and beliefs held by the Egyptian people include their believe in heka or magic which influence their view on how the world was created. The second belief that they held was the belief in worshiping gods in cult temples and deceased pharaohs in mortuary temples. The final practice that was important to the Egyptian people was the funeral process that they practiced.

Ancient Egyptian Practices and Beliefs
Ancient Egyptian culture was comprised of numerous, rich practices and beliefs. The Ancient Egyptians believed in magic or heka which in their eyes created the world, healed them from their
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Egyptian doctors would often recite speeches or spells that would cure their patient of their ailment. Patients under specific circumstances would also recite the same spells and speeches as the doctors depending on their affliction. The use of heka in healing can be traced back to the myth of Horus. The myth of Horus is about how Set, the Egyptian God of Chaos, torn Horus’ eye apart in a battle in which Horus was attempting to avenge his fathers, Osiris, death. Thoth, who is the God Wisdom, then collected the fragments of Horus’ eye and with the use of heka reassembled the eye. Heka is also used to give one eternal life after…show more content…
The internal organs were placed in jars which were then placed in the tomb with the body and later as the practice became more refined would be wrapped and placed back in the body. The mummy was also buried with amulets, money, food, prayers, and numerous other riches to aid the person in their journey to the afterlife. The Egyptians believed in preserving the deceased person 's body so that in the afterlife their spirit would be able to rejoin their
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