Essay On Ancient Egypt's Military Conflicts

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Military conflicts, from past to present, have also played an integral part in shaping Egypt’s society. Once ruled by a Pharaoh, bordered by seas, and protected by a harsh climate, ancient Egypt did not protect its civilians with an adequately prepared military force. Therefore, ancient Egypt experienced its first defeat in battle against Hyskos. This defeat led to the building of an improved militant force to protect the Pharaoh and Egypt’s citizens. By sharing ideas with other regions and utilizing a new technology to build better weapons, battle weapons grew to include bows and arrows, shields, sickle swords, daggers, and spears made from bronze, stone, and iron. Ancient Egypt built a dominant army. Egypt’s economy was thriving from the increase in trading and abundant resources. However, this thriving industry came to a close when Ancient Egypt found itself at the mercy of Maryannu. Over the decades, Egypt experienced various military conflicts including the Egyptian Revolution, First Arab-Israeli War, the Anglo-Egyptian War, Wahabi War, Turko-Egyptian War, Sanusi Revolt in Egypt, War of Attrition and many more. Presently, Egypt’s military is composed of an army, air force, air defense command, and navy. The militant forces are equipped with weapons including tanks, rifles, jet fighters, destroyers, submarines, rocket launchers, artillery, and much more. The military’s ultimate goal is to keep the civilians of Egypt…show more content…
The ancestors of Egyptians had to conquer massive barriers to build the life they have today. Harsh climate conditions and arid terrains created massive problems that engineering overcame. Building structures was certainly a challenge that took a great deal of time. Facing defeat in wars encouraged the reconstruction of a new military. Designing organizations gave Egyptians a political voice to be heard. Every decision made across the centuries led to where and who the Egyptians are

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