Rise Of Ancient Greece Essay

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There are many different countries in our world and each of them has its own and unique culture. However, there is hardly a state in the world, which has as rich history as Greece has. The thing is, that Ancient Greece is known to be the place where modern European civilization with its values was born. Philosophers of this state created the majority of notions in this science while poets and playwrights of Ancient Greece managed to create the basis for classical literature. There is no use denying the fact that all these achievements became possible due to unite history of this very state. There is a great number of periods in it development which are connected with the rise and fall of Ancient Greece and each of them has its own unique peculiarities. …show more content…

Great number of polises encircled culture and political life of a state. However, this fact is also often called as one of the main factors which led to decline of Ancient Greece. The thing is that there was no centralized state which could be able to resist some invaders. The whole history of ancient Greece can be takes as the chain of wars for dominance in the region. Polis, which managed to conquer the rest of cities in the area, became the main power which determined further development of a state, However, its rule was not perennial and new internecine war started. Athens, Sparta, Macedonia and a great number of other small states on the territory of Greece tried to became dominant and rule the whole area. It should be said that periods of the rise of influence and power of Greece coincides with periods when one polis managed to seize the power. The state of Alexander the Great is the best evidence to this statement. Having managed to unite Greece under his rule. Alexander defeated Darius and conquered Persia and a great number of other regions. However, after his death a great state collapsed and different polises again started the war in order to obtain dominance and dictate its rules. This fact became one of the main reasons of the collapse of Ancient Greece. It was still very strong and influential. Additionally, Greece

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