Essay On Ancient Greek Education

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Education in Ancient Greece has had a major influence on the education in the modern world. Education techniques that were used by the Ancient Greeks, are used now, like the core subjects, math, literature, science. And they as well had the other subjects like music, gymnastics. But something that did change over time was that girls now get a good equal education as the boys. Another thing that has changed was we don’t teach the same things they used to in the Sparta City. Women’s education was very limited. Not all the women had a privilege to get an education, most women stayed home. The only school that education was open to all girls was the elementary school. If the girls even had the chance to get an education, it was not equal as the boys' education. So if girls did have an education their education was mostly like, music type. A lot of them played instruments, and some sang. And there were two city-states…show more content…
Athens was the wealthier city-state and their city-state was known for having money. But the education they had was boys mainly, but they at least did receive school education. For different category subject, they were taught in different schools. So for example, reading, writing, and arithmetic were taught by grammatistes (Adkins and Adkins) in one building, and in another, kitharistes taught music and lyric poetry(Adkins and Adkins). The girls could have received an education if they were accepted in Athens, but it wasn’t clear if they did get an education. Instead of education, their moms would teach them domestic skills at home, because most likely they got denied from education. Now in the modern world, all school skills are taught in one place and not separate places. The one thing that is the same is the schools if they’re wealthy or not. In the modern world if another town is richer than another they could have a better education or better quality of the school in
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