Essay On Ancient Greek Medicine

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This is the main reason behind medicine continuous development throughout the centuries . Medicine has been researched in many different ways since prehistoric times. Every century, culture or civilization had had its own ways of treatment and medication , but science-based medicine dominates nowadays. However, how did these scientific medical practices develop? What preceded these practices? Actually, various ways of treating diseases came before modern medicine and in many countries , these old healing traditions are still used beside modern medicine.
1- Prehistoric Medicine refers to medicine before human could read and write. It covers a vast period which involved different regions and cultures. People in prehistoric times would have believed that disorders are caused and treated by both
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The most popular and powerful medical figure in Ancient Greece was Hippocrates, who is known today as "The Father of Medicine". He added some new terms to the terminology of illnesses such as chronic , endemic , crisis , etc . Two famous Greek philosophers, Aristotle and Plato realized that the human body had no use in the afterlife. This idea influenced Greek doctors who started to dissect dead bodies and study them. Aristotle's and Plato's philosophies allowed the Greeks to investigate the inside of the human body in a systematic way. Greeks thought that the human body consisted of four humors which are Blood , Phlegm , Yellow bile and Black bile , and that these humors must be kept in balance . This theory survived for nearly 2,000 years . Greek doctors succeeded in fixing broken and dislocated bones and they could cure a slipped disc. Greek doctors were expert herbalists and prescribers of natural remedies and they thought that the best healer is
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