Ancient Inca Religion

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Ancient Inca - Transcript:

The Inca religion originated from the Andean region in South America during the early 15th century up until the 1530s, when the Spanish invaded. They were the largest empire across America. The Inca had a deep respect for the two civilisations who had lived in the same area before them, they were the Wari and Tiwanaku. Many of their beliefs and religious practices, such as their pilgrimage were dedicated to Tiwanaku and Wari.

In the time of the religion, the Inca built a huge kingdom called Tawantinsuyu. They expanded across the distance of Ecuador all the way to central Chile and they had 12 million inhabitants who came from over 100 different ethnic groups.

Inca believed that the creator, Viracocha created earth,
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Some of which include: The Gold Sun disks symbolising their God Inti, The sacred place of Cusco/Cuzco/Qosqo which was their sacred capital and a place where many rituals were performed, The sacred ritual of Cannibalism, which was performed in belief that if you consume another you would acquire their power, their belief in the Afterlife and how if they bought gifts to the dead it would secure their place in the afterlife which was also known as Inti’’s home and their sacred ruler Sapa Inca Pachacuti- who is so praised because he transformed the Inca empire and was the leader for 33…show more content…
Which is why I believe it is important for schools to study ancient and indigenous religions. The reason being is because we can learn so many things from our past. It doesn't matter whether it is our own religions past or a random stranger’s religions past, we can all benefit as individuals and a society by studying ancient and Indigenous religions. When studying the past we learn how overtime our community has changed and developed for both good and bad reasons. For instance by studying the Ancient Inca religion we know their land was very important and significant to them and how that caused many wars. We learn the mistakes we made and how to prevent them. From studying Ancient and Indigenous religions we can compare that to our world today as we now know that war is an unreasonable solution to a disagreement. We also learn how to practice faith and worship, and how to follow the values we live by. As we know from studying Ancient and Indigenous religions, people live according to their religion. We know that it is a huge part of our lives and it is what contributes to societies
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