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Medicine of the Ancient World
There were many civilizations that had technology that impacted their world in various manners. I will be looking at four different civilizations, specifically: Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and The Incas. Some of the Technology in medicine they created is still used today and was very innovative in their time.
Medicine in Ancient Egypt
As Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian put it, “Egypt, is wholly the gift of the Nile”. And while the Nile did shape the structure, religion, and society of Egypt so that it turned into a powerful kingdom, it also brought disease to this ancient land. There were many skin infections and parasites that were contracted from the Nile River. Some sicknesses were also contracted from the Egyptian’s cattle such as tuberculosis and
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Also following the trend of hygiene they used willow as an antiseptic. Surprisingly unlike other civilizations doctors did not have a high status in Rome. The doctors that served aristocrats were paid well but those that worked for the public were not were not deemed as important in Roman society.
Another very important part of medicine in Ancient Rome is Hippocratic Oath. This oath is attributed to Hippocrates and it set standards for the doctors. The Roman doctors also borrowed this and their Doctors took this oath they swore that would help those that were ill with their knowledge but they would never use their knowledge to hurt or injure.
The Romans also conducted surgeries and they used scalpels that were made of bronze and steel, bone hooks and drills and many other tools that helped during a surgical procedure. Furthermore, people living in Rome would heal faster and had smaller probabilities of acquiring diseases since this society was much smaller because of the emphasis they put on cleanliness.
Medicine of the
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