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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, and arguably the most popular one. During his time in office, he did many things, such as send the Native Americans away from their home, and get into duels. Since his presidency, it has been debated on how democratic was Andrew Jackson? After looking at the documents, it has been determined that he was not democratic. He was not democratic in three ways. One, he didn’t want to incorporate Native Americans into the United States, as shown in documents K, J, L and M. Secondly, he did not actually listen to the people, as shown in documents E, F, and G. Lastly, Andrew Jackson was also against African Americans, as shown in documents N and O. Andrew Jackson was not democratic because of his actions towards Native Americans, who were also citizens of America. As document L shows, Andrew Jackson forced Native Americans out of their homes into a small area that he called “Indian Territory” and document J supports this fact. In document J, Andrew Jackson calls the natives “savages” and claims they should be asked to move. However, that isn’t what ended up happening. Andrew …show more content…

As shown, he was against Native Americans being incorporated into the United States, he used American citizens for his own gain, and he was against African Americans in almost every way. His racism here is really not comparable to many others, especially at this time. The best comparison is probably the Egyptians and the Hebrews back when the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews to build the pyramids. The Hebrews were used as labor and just seen as inferior to the Egyptians, similar to how Jackson saw the Native Americans and the African Americans. His rule isn’t comparable to many others, as very few other rulers have ever claimed to be one party but acted in a different way. Overall, the evidence shown proves that Andrew Jackson was not a

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