Essay On Andromeda Strain

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The Andromeda strain did not have as good of an ending that the rest of the book deserves. There was so much more to explain in the book that the ending felt as if the author, Michael Crichton, got bored and needed a quick ending. For example, on pg. 356, the scientists, list names, find that the Andromeda strain has gone over all of Los Angeles without one case of a bizarre death or disease. It seems that the whole book, the whole plot and build-up, had crashed with as simple of an ending as that the still unknown organism, which they had been studying thought the entire book, had mutated into a benign form and could now live amongst humanity. This ending seems to be too simple for such a complex and interesting book. It would have been better if the ending included how the strain mutated, if it could travel over water, if it soon died out or if it spread across the entire world.…show more content…
In the book insert scientist/s found that this organism could survive and reproduce without proteins, which they thought all living things needed, insert pg#. The ending could have been made better if it included the answer to this and the many other scientific questions the asked about the strain but didn’t get to answer, such as insert questions. From the epilogue, insert pg #, we now that NASA is delaying all other manned spacecrafts due to, insert name of fallen space craft, and its mechanical failure which led to its crashing and the spread of the Andromeda strain. (Or it crashed following the Andromeda strain). Due to the events of the story, one would assume that NASA would fix any mechanical failures and better sanitizes returning probes. Also, the Andromeda strain will not mutate but the scientists will continue to study it due to its many differences with living things from
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