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You may have anemia if the number of your red blood cells is few. Anemia indicates that your hemoglobin is low. Hemoglobin is a portion of red blood cell brings oxygen to the cells in your body. Regular levels of hemoglobin may be slightly different when it comes to the lab which the test will be done, age and sex.
In grown-ups, doctors describe anemia as a hemoglobin of less than 12 grams per deciliter. But lots of people feel much the same unless their hemoglobin level goes under 11 grams per deciliter, or sometimes even lower. A blood test is used to measure hemoglobin which is mostly conducted with a complete blood count.
The signs of anemia usually begin at a slow pace. At the start, you might not be able to observe them. But as it get
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There will be tests so that the doctor will be able to know the source of your anemia. Some of these tests are blood chemistry test, reticulocyte count which is a kind of blood test, another blood test to see your iron levels, bone marrow test, and fecal occult blood test.
Your doctor may use the outcomes of these tests, along with your physical exam and medical information, to be able to have a knowledge about the cause of your anemia. Sometimes no cause can be identified other than anemia of chronic disease. This type of anemia is mostly found in people with long-lasting problems like cancer, congestive heart failure, or inflammatory diseases.
Based on the amount of your hemoglobin in blood, doctors rate the condition of your anemia. Doctors make use of this ranking of anemia with regards to the treatment although the signs that they have observed from you are not the same. When your hemoglobin is between 10 and is lower than the limit for your age and sex, it is classified as mild anemia. When your hemoglobin is 8 to 10 grams per deciliter, it is classified as moderate anemia. When your hemoglobin is 6.5 to 8 grams per deciliter,it is classified as severe anemia. When your hemoglobin is less than 6.5 grams per deciliter, it is classified as life-threatening

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