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I think that the most weirdest but enjoyable place i have been is Angel Fire. Angel fire is in the rocky mountains in New Mexico. Angel fire is like red river but it’s a town and has a bunch of nice restaurants. Some of the restaurants are Zebs restaurant and bar and H2 up town.

Some of the features that Angel Fire has that makes it a weird place is all of the resorts and the hidden like that Calvin and I found. The resorts makes Angle fire weird because there is a lot of them and they are really nice on the outside but the people who you check into are rude. The resorts also go towards the skying range.The hidden like also makes it a weird place because of the geese and there are a bunch of signs that say hazardous. These signs are are saying that we need to be careful about going around the geese and being careful about walking on the trails.
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Angel fire is enjoyable because of all the really nice restaurants and all of the places to go and spend time with the family. When i said all the nice restaurants i meant all of them… The people and the waiters are really nice. But, some of them are expensive.

Spending time with your family is a lot of fun in Angel fire because they got many activities you can do with your family.You can go horse back riding, zip lining, you can also go sleding. Angel fire’s most activity that people use is in the winter and that’s skying. People use skying the most because in Angel fire there are mountains everywhere and there are many places you can go skiing at but it 's also cheap to go skiing in Angel Fire.

There is also a dentist office there. So if you are having problems finding a good dentist go to Angel fire’s Dentist. It’s for kids and adults.The dentist is really nice and could help your children get use of being around a dentist. If your children or you are scared there’s also a therapy dog to keep you from being scared. Oh yea there 's also free
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