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Anger is an emotional, strong, and intense reaction to perceived deliberate harm or unfair treatment by others; and it is characterized by extreme hostility, indignation, rage, disturbance, violence and the expression of frustration. Anger in literature is a form of interaction that reveals important awareness of the obstacles that oppressed people face (Kim 16). Anger in literature can be defined as an effective source of energy serving improvement and progression. Anger splits into two types: a corrosive anger that attempts damage and destruction, and a resourceful anger that struggles to fulfill social justice. According to the connection between anger and justice, anger is defined as a tool of revenge that is triggered by painful desire…show more content…
Anger in literature is characterized by social class conflict and witnessed many of the revolutionary movements against society. It also characterized by the struggle against the establishment, values, conventions and authority. Moreover, it focused on the man who is trapped in an antagonistic universe without any chance of happiness and hope for the future. Anger in literature focused on many themes such as: the theme of social critic against middle-class values, theme of violence, damage, rage, hatred and frustration. The protagonists were mostly of the working-class or of lower middle-class origin; who view society with contempt and ironic humor and may have conflict with authority. They shared a disrespect and contempt for the class system and the post welfare state (wandor…show more content…
The plot revolves around Blanche, who is divided between the desire of being a young beautiful lady who is concerned with old fashioned southern ways and a bohemian and excessive in her appetites. Blanche has taken a leave of absence from her English teaching position because of her nerves. After the loss of her family home she went to live with her sister Stella who has rejected her refined southern heritage and prefer to live in a low class position with her husband Stanly who offer her a life of senses (Abboston

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