Essay On Angus Cattle

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Around the dinner table and in many restaurants, beef is being consumed on a daily basis. Much of the consumption of meat is dependent on the supply and quality that the farmers in the beef industry supply. There are many different breeds of beef cows that are raised and bred with the purpose of providing meat for the consumer. Angus beef, one of the oldest breeds of beef cattle, has a unique history and it is primarily bred and raised for its tender marbleized meat. The Angus cattle had an interesting way of originating. According to the website “Breeds of Livestock, ” the Angus cattle were originally called Aberdeen Angus. These cattle originally came from Northern Scotland which is often called the city of Angus, and were first found…show more content…
The Angus cattle can live a long life. This is beneficial because the herd will not have to be replenished as quickly (16) (Encyclopaedia Britannica). The cattle also have a low set body, and they are mostly, if not at all times, polled or have few horns (8)(Encyclopaedia Britannica) (9)(“Breeds of Livestock”).
Many of these characteristics are good for the breeding of Angus and the calves. The Breed association was founded in November 21, 1883 in Chicago, Illinois.They were often called the Angus Breeders Association. In 1950 their name was changed to the American Breed Association (American Angus Association). According to the website “Angus Cattle” this breed of cattle is the largest group of purebred cattle registered (10) (“Angus Cattle”). In 1878 -1883 there were 1,200 cattle that came to the mid-west from Scotland. Over the next 100 years the Angus cattle herds were started . They were started for breeding, showing,and the selling registered stocks(11)(“Breeds of Livestock”). Breeding Angus cattle can be beneficial. These cattle can also cross breed. When breeding them, they have few calving problems and the cows are good mothers (12)(“Angus
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