Pet Abandonment: A Huge Issue In The World

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Do you know the average amount of animal abuse cases each year is 1,920! ( Pet abandonment is a prime example of a huge issue in the world that needs to be addressed. With hope, teens have risen to this issue and helped hugely. There are good things like how shelters help, how volunteers help, and how we can prevent this horrible issue, but there are also downsides to this, like animals being abused and neglected, as this is how the issue happens. Do you know that an owner can leave pets alone and on the street usually have no fine or jail time? According to the Humane Society of the United States, many people get charged everyday for animal abuse and there are so many owners that are not charged, it is hard to count.…show more content…
Their best chance for their animals to survive is bringing them to a shelter or leaving them on the street. They cannot pay for food,water and necessary vet visits, special medicine, and beds/toys or just don’t feel the need to. This leads to neglect because the cost gets to be too much or the pet gets sick and starving. If you had to be in this situation, you would probably choose best for your pet you would drop it off at the shelter, but because of overpopulation, and the issue that they don’t think they have to take care of the pet there is an increasingly large amount of animals and they cannot accommodate these animals. According to the New York Times some pet owners accidently take in pets (meaning they have feelings for pets) and they end up not being able to care for these pets, and neglecting them. ( In conclusion, pet abandonment is a worldwide concern that should be addressed. But there is hope for all pets that are being abused and neglected. This issue is being helped by shelters, volunteers, and the people who help to prevent this, but there are still pets out there that need your help. Will you rise to the occasion and help these pets like some of those teen

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