Essay On Animal Cloning

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Cloning is a process of producing one or more genetically identical individual. There are natural clones and artificial clones. Natural clones are produced by the offspring of asexual reproduction which does not involve meiosis. Asexual Reproduction happens when a cell is genetically identical to the parent organism. These sometimes occurs in plants and single-celled organisms, such as bacteria, to produce genetically identical offspring through asexual reproduction. However, humans and mammals may also create natural clones, which is most commonly known as identical twins. These identical twins are produced when a fertilized egg splits in halves, creating two or more embryos that carries the same DNA. On the contrary, there are three…show more content…
The first advantage is that it is a new way to address the endangered animal extinction. This is accomplished through reproductive cloning. Through reproductive cloning, the nucleus that contains DNA is removed from the species and being cloned. The mature cell with the DNA is then injected into an empty egg cell. Finally, the mother carrying the embryo will then give birth with an animal that is genetically the same to the cell donor. The second advantage is that it can be used to increase the supply of livestock. With animal cloning, farmers can have a livestock full of meat and milk producing animal breeds with superior quality. This can help accelerate the production of livestock and increase the amount that usually get. Thirdly, animal cloning can help stem cell research. It is used to cure many diseases and to help build and repair body tissues. Scientists are able to use animal clones to experiment on. If done successfully on animals, then it might be able to help mankind in the future where stem cells in humans can be cloned to create identical stem cells for specific reasons. Lastly, animal cloning can help reproduce a deceased pet. People who have money and have the desire to bring their pet back to life would do this. Although, it is not certain that the newly cloned animal would look exactly the same as the previous pet that recently passed
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