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Similar Careers, Two Species
An animal control officer works with the law enforcement to save animals. They also keep hazardous animals from hurting other people. While a criminal investigator is responsible for evaluating the crime scene. They have to use various types of equipment to find and process physical evidence that could very much solve the case. These careers have similarities, but they also differences.
The minimum education to become an animal control officer is a high school diploma. Just like a criminal investigator with their career. An animal control officer as well as a criminal investigator has to undergo some certification programs even though their programs are not the same. Some programs an animal control officer would take would be
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They are also required to have good communication skills along with having mental and physical capabilities for the job. Although they have very similar requirements they also have a few differences. Some people hiring for an animal control officer requires you to have volunteered and have had similar experiences as the job. A criminal investigator requires for you to be able to work the equipment you need to process the crime scenes.
Both careers help people; although an animal control officer mainly help animals. They both to make sure we live in a safe environment. A criminal investigator helps solve crimes to make sure the people who made the crime goes to court and gets a justified punishment. It can be very dangerous for both careers for what they do. They may work a lot and don’t get to see their families a lot, but they do it for the good not the bad.
An animal control officer and a criminal investigator has a lot of similarities and differences. Both careers do their job to keep us and our environment safe. They do it for the good cause not the bad. The careers both have unique parts to attend to and have to work hard to do what they

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