Essay On Animal Dissection

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Education According to NAVSNAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society), Animal dissections is defined as “the practice of cutting apart or separating tissue for anatomical study,” It is estimated that 20 million animals (10 million in the U.S) are used annually for educational purposes including, classroom observational exercises, dissections and live-animal surgeries.Some animals actually mutate in order to protect themselves, but mostly die due to pain. For example: Turtles are violently struck on their shells with hammers and have holes drilled into them for experiments on their hearts. Frogs’ brains are destroyed by needles pierced onto their heads for students to manipulate their opened muscles with electricity. Frogs, fetal pigs, perch, cats, earthworms, grasshoppers,…show more content…
In India, Paro and 36 monkeys were rescued by PETA and the CPCSEA(Committee for the Purpose of Control And Supervision of Experiments on Animals) from Pune’s National Institute of Virology. These animals lived in terrible household conditions. Some monkeys had broken fingers and teeth, while others had gone made from years of extreme torture. Millions of frogs from their habitats are hunted and captured to be sold for classroom dissection. This develops a threat to endangered animal populations already killed by loss of habitats, air pollution, and global warming. This is also another reason why India banned dissections after the decimation of the local frog species. Animals are also used in unique programs to teach trainee medical practitioners skills practically by an invasive and most of the times dangerous procedures on animals. Some colleges/universities require students to dissect animals to complete the course. This may impact students who are uncomfortable or scared, preventing them from getting good grades or choosing that program or
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