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All organisms have five basic needs, which include sunlight, water, air, food and a habitat. An environment that has all these basic needs is guaranteed to have animal life. However, animals have tolerance ranges, meaning, they do not all need the same amount of these basic needs. Some need more of one than another, and other need less. At the end of the day, every animal wants to be comfortable in their environment that favour their physiological and behavioural characteristics. It is every animal’s goal to thrive in the environment it has settled within. The distribution of animals across Earth depends on the influences of abiotic or biotic factors. Other organisms have some influence as well. Abiotic factors are defined by Ziyan Cui as “non-biological…show more content…
A lion will always settle in an area that consist of flat land, for efficient hunting, as well as an area that has prey within it. In order for the lion to survive, it must feed, and for it to feed, it needs a conducive environment that supports it’s hunting abilities. Another example are bats, who are nocturnal and hunt at night. Bats prey come out at night, therefore they hunt as night, such as mosquitoes. Disease is another important factor that can affect the survival of animals in an area. Area with many deadly diseases can cause a species to migrate out of it, if they make it out alive. Disease can reduce the amount of species in an area and drive it out completely. A perfect example would be human beings, which fall under the animal kingdom. The caves in Kenya, e.g the Kitum cave consisting of countless bats, have prohibit human traffic due to the fact the bats carry the Ebola virus. The bats are able to survive the deadly virus. Humans however, have very limited time before the virus kills them, unless diagnosed very early. For this reason, the caves are populated with bats but are off limit to humans. Pathogens survive within their hosts. In order for it to thrive, it needs an animal species that can sustain the

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