Essay On Animal Farm Scapegoat

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What happens when societies experience the inevitable pain of times of great oppressions or trouble?It’s a test of all humanity.For in these times individuals have the opportunity to rise to the challenge.Now there are those that will be for the people and help but,some see this as an opportunity to take over.They come out as the most patriotic but their main goal is power.First signs it may be a dictator is being aggressive and rude .Also,if someone disagrees with them they just attack their patriotism.Next,a scapegoat is targeted and attacked.When battle or revolution or election will be celebrated with medals.Act quickly and waste no time to show their a good leader.Lastly,a utopia will be promised but later break the rules and abuse power.It will all begin again and cycle will all begin once again.Animal farm by George Orwell is a dystopian warning in allegory form that shows how tyrants rise out of times of social oppression and struggle.…show more content…
Tyrants rise when societies experience great oppressions and struggle.In Russia they had just come out of WW1 and lost more than any other country.In animal farm problem was Mr.Jones neglected his animals and did not feed them which resulted in the animals starving.First signs of a potential dictator was offer a solution and both Stalin and Napoleon offered a utopia.Second a scapegoat was targeted and attacked like the white army and animal farm Snowball.Stalin rose to power after Lenin died and removing any enemies.Napoleon did also came to power after Old Major died and Snowball chased off the farm.Stalin had a 5 year plan similar to Napoleon 's windmill plan which was to improve their citizens life also create a utopia.Abuse of power and rules broken were when the ten commandments were changed in favor of the pigs.In the end citizens find out their real intentions of power and cycle begins all over
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