Essay On Animal Freedom

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Is it up to humans to decide which animals lives, dies, or gets imprisoned? Humans have taken all types of animals freedom away. Polar bears are moved to high heat areas of the world like San Diego. Exotic birds are moved to enclosures not even a quarter of the size they are used to. Animals are being imprisoned for a lifetime at zoos. The zoo visitors come and go when they please, while the animals are locked up. The animals have gotten the end of the deal for a long time; however, that can change. There is a way to compromise the entertainment of people and the freedom of animals.
Animals do not belong locked up. Some people believe that zoos help the animals or are they simply there for our own entertainment. There is a larger purpose for animals to be in the wild. Every animals helps out balance the ecosystem they belong to. An example of an ecosystem would be a tiger eating a deer, a deer would eat the grass and the grass would grow from the sun. If a large number of tigers were to be killed or captured the amount of deer would increase. With a large amount of deer there would have to be more grass.
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The the wild there is no limit to where the animals can walk, run, or fly. The animals experience the thrill of hunting for their food. In the wild the animals can interact with other animals. They migrate to different places some alone and others with a group. In an enclosed area they are limited to everything they are unlimited to in the wild. Animals that walk for hundreds of miles a day have to readapt to not even half of that. Animals are fed in bowls and miss the thrill that they used to get. Some zoos like the Wright Park Zoo hide treats around their enclosures, however, the animal's instinct are not used as they would in the wild. Animals like wolves, are used to living in large packs in the wild. At the Wright Park Zoo they only have one other companion. There is no real life for animals at the
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