Do You Hurt Animals By Going To A Persuasive Essay On Zoos

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Do you recognize that cute little animal you claim to love, well do you know that you are going more harm than good when you support zoo’s. I know you may think, “how could I hurt animals by going to a zoo” well did you know that a life of confinement doesn't compare to the life that animal would have in their natural habitat. When you support a zoo you are supporting the mistreatment of animals. Animals in zoos are forced to sit in small enclosure and are literally driven insane from frustration and boredom. You call yourself an animal lover but no real animal lover would stand for the mistreatment in zoos. Imagine you are running through the forest with all your brothers and sisters with your mom watching closely from behind, but then with a crash you are awoken, the crash was just another zookeeper throwing you your daily meal of steak and anti depressants you…show more content…
And when an animal in a zoo makes a friend their friend could be sold to another zoo leaving both the animals even more stressed and lonely. When you you go to zoos you are supporting this kind of treatment on animals, so when you go to zoos you see the cute happy animals but what you don't see is the stress, frustration, and loneliness the animals have to endure. As you know zoos are horrible to animals but did you know that stress from zoos lead animals to self mudilation. Often time when animals are stressed the resort to unnatural behaviors such as pacing swaing and overe grooming, and if you think thats bad that was just best case scenario. Most of the time animals eat there own vomit and even resort to self mudilation but animals ahav allso been known to eat their own of spring. Animals are naturally loving and caring motheres, so it is clear that something is really wrong when animals are consuming there own
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