Arguments In Favor Of Animal Testing

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“The UK consumes over 300 times more fish each year than the total number of animals used in medical research each year” people believe that animal testing is cruel, but where would we be without it? Cancer, asthma, and the flu are all common diseases between mice and us humans. People say virtual reality is an option but computers don’t know everything. Imagine if surgeries were not perfected on animals, we would have a high chance of losing our loved ones. If we want to get our cherished family members and friends out of the hospital and feeling healthy again we must let our scientists experiment on animals to find new cures, and vaccines.

95% of our genes are the same as mice, this makes mice a highly reliable subject for animal testing. We share many diseases with animals such as, cancer asthma and the flu. Without animal testing we would not have tetanus vaccinations, antibiotics and anaesthetics. If we didn’t have these vaccinations we wouldn’t be able to go on holidays, we would be sick a lot and we wouldn’t be able to have fun. The
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They say that they don’t understand how people could inject animals with drugs when almost all trials fail. The fact is that no matter how many trails are done there will always be a first human trial. Animals are so unreliable, it is shown 95% of successful animal trials fail on humans when tested. “If every cosmetic tested on rabbits or mice had a photo on the packaging showing these animals with weeping eyes and swollen skin, I believe everyone would leave the cruelty on the shelf”. - Paul McCartney. However this was and still is being tried on cigarette packaging but people still continue to smoke. A proven statistic states Britain will consume more chickens this year than the total animals used over the past two centuries in Britain. The fact is that without it we would be nowhere with medical research and more people would have a shorter life
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