How To Put Animal Testing To Sleep Essay

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Put animal testing to Sleep There isn’t one person who could visit an animal testing facility without deciding that it is wrong. At the same time, there is not one reasonable person who could visit a maximum security prison and agree that murderers, drug dealers, child molesters and rapists deserve a comfortable life. On average, over 7,000 inmates die each year in prison, whether from fight breakout, or old age. Over one thousand animals either die immediately after medical testing, or suffer from the effects for the rest of their life. Everyday animals are abused and tortured in the name of science or product safety. Animals were not put here to be tested on for human medical and chemical research. There is no better test subject to test a drug made for humans, than humans ourselves. Rapists and murderers have given up their rights entering prison due to the consequences they have to pay from causing others to suffer. Inmates are the best candidate for medical testing rather than animals. Many times testing a drug…show more content…
Also testing on inmates would give them a positive in their life, especially those who will be in locked up for the rest of their life. A huge advantage of testing on inmates is the amount of money saved. Testing on animals generally costs an enormous amount of money, as the animals must be fed, housed, and drugged with many different medications, and experimental substances. Animal testing occurs more than once a month every month, it’s almost constant. The biggest price of animal testing is, “The price of animals themselves, there are companies who breed animals specifically for testing and animals can be purchased through them” (Murnaghan). Inmates are already getting paid for by American tax money, so the cost of doing medical research on them while they are in the system would be way cheaper than testing on
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