Animals And Vegetation In North America Essay

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The topic that I want to talk is are the animals and vegetation is North America. The reason why I chosen this topic is because I likes to watch the TV program is about the animals or vegetation. So this time I am going to talk about that, and try to find out the information of this topic. Although most people know about the animals and vegetation in North America, but the animals and vegetation also can give us the information about the climate in North America. There is three points that I want to talk about is the animals in North America, the vegetation in North America, and how the animals and vegetation shows out the information of the climate.

The first point that I going to talk about the animals in North America, the most people may know the animals in North America. But how much do they know about the animals in North America? I think most people only know the name of those animals, and the animal is carnivore or herbivore.
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The geography of North America also very diversification, so there were many different types of vegetation in North America. The three most important types of vegetation is needle-leaved plant, fir, and cactus. The needle-leaved plant is the plant that was very commonly, because needle-leaved plant was easy to grow. The weather of North America is good for needle-leaved plant, so it can grow in any place in North America. The second one is fir, we usually can see fir in the cold place. The fir usually can grow to be very big and tall, everyone knows that fir is really expensive. So there are many people wants to cut down the fir, but it is hard to grow the fir. Because the temperature for the fir is hard to control, and it will also take the long time for it. The last one is cactus, it usually grow in the desert. The range of the cactus was in the southwest, only there was the place that you can easy to see the
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