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In today 's society it is difficult to connect to someone on a personal level, but anime is doing just that. Anime is popular with many different types of people around the world and has been one of Japan’s most lucrative businesses since 1798 (Aoki). Anime and its subculture is misunderstood by most Americans, who are unable to recognize the allure of them. To comprehend this ever expanding subculture, people need to understand the enticement of anime, which is feeling connected to something bigger than themselves. Anime and its subculture is important to study because this particular subculture reflects where our entertainment videos and televisions is expanding to. Anime has this power to connect to all different categories of people, including those who have been passed over by society their whole lives.

Anime, which is hand-drawn or computer animation associated with Japan, has an effect on people that might have previously been looked over by other well known subcultures. Young children, sometimes, have a television show that has
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For expansion to continue happening, there needs to be continues content being created for individuals to read and watch. One type of anime that is still an ‘infant’ in the anime world is termed ‘Slice of Life’. This type of anime is centered around a real life of individuals and is much more realistic than the traditional anime. This realistic factor makes a much larger emotional impact on the viewer. On the country, it has obtained a mass of critics complain that the plot is too simple. This is because the anime is about following a certain individuals around in their life. This can be uninteresting to some viewers. An example of this type of anime is ‘Fruit Baskets’ that revolves around a young girl named Tohru Honda and after her family 's death she get adopted by a family. Soon she sets out to break her adoptive families zodiac

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