Essay On Anna's Journey To Maryland

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Long ago in 1634, the King of England, Charles I, provoked many people to want to leave to the New World, due to the monarchy system. Anna, one of the miserable people under the King’s rule, was just like everyone else and couldn’t stand to live there anymore. Kammie, her sister, and Kathryn, her mom, had been listening to George Calvert in Maryland, one of the few southern colonies, and liked what he had to say. As a family, they made the decision to journey to Maryland, because of the representative government, strong economy, good climate, and especially the catholicism. At the crack of dawn, Anna left to get their dad’s old boat he used before he passed, that could fit about five people; while their mom and Kammie collected the goods…show more content…
The taken down sail flew off the pole, and shortly after the pole followed it into the choppy waters. Over the course of six hours, many things were tossed and thrown into the water by the harsh rain and winds, but luckily no essential items were lost. Even though some damaged was caused, the current had picked up and had the boat moving faster. Two weeks later of uncomplicated sailing, Anna, Kammie, and Kathryn saw land and realized this meant that they have successfully made it to Maryland! Lord Baltimore, also know has George Calvert, was welcoming newly arrived voyagers to land and led them to St. Mary’s Catholic Church to get vital items needed to start a new life. There were few people in the church, but one priest approached them and told them where they would be staying until they can make enough money to live off of. Anna already loved it here, and couldn't wait to start a new life. They were thankful that they had picked Maryland, due to the fact that they favored puritans in Massachusetts and Georgia is where people from England go when they are in debt. Anna helped her family out by fishing on the dock everyday with her sister, Kammie. While they did this, their mom was a stay at home mom and tried to make their temporary house feel like
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