Early Life Of Anne Frank Essay

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The person I have chosen to write about is Anne Frank, a young German girl who died as a result of the Holocaust. In my essay i will be discussing her early life, the society she grew up in, her death and her legacy.

Early life
Annelies Marie Frank was born on the 12th June 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to parents Otto and Edith. She had one older sister, Margot. The Frank family were Jewish. Anne was given a necklace as a gift for her birth, which had hebrew inscription on one side of it, and “Lucky Charm, 12.6.1929, Frankfurt-am-Main” written on the other (Lee 1999, p. 13).

Uphieval in Germany
Around the 1920s / 1930s Frankfurt was a place of “political agitation” (Lee 1999, p. 13).The National Socialists, better known as the Nazis, began to attack German cities. They targeted Blacks, disabled and
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Anne described the building in her diary, her new home which she referred to as the “ secret annexe”. Her family lived on the second floor, in the three-room apartment (Frank 1954 pp.25-26). The Franks hid here, along with other jewish families for two years until they were discovered on the 4th of june 1944 by Dutch Nazis and members of the Security Police. Eight Jews, including Anne and her family were arrested and taken to various concentration camps around the country. Anne and her sister were taken to Auschwitz, but later transferred to Bergen-Belsen, where Anne died of Typhus in Spring 1945 ( Frank et. al. 2002 pp.340-341)

Anne Frank, like many children, was an innocent victim of the Holocaust. Her diary provides an insight to what life was like for an ordinary, yet eccentric teenager growing up during the war. Her diary has since been translated, and shared with the help of her father, Otto, the only member of the eight arrested who survived the concentration camp, and continues to be one of the most popular books in the

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