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Annette funicello was a singer and an actress as well as having multiple sclerosis, she was known for her lead role in Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club. When she was younger her parents signed her up for dance class, to get over her shyness. She was scouted by Walt Disney himself. In 1955 Funicello was performing the lead role in “Swan Lake.” Walt Disney cast her as the 24th original Mousekeeper. Funicello recorded 15 albums in the late 1950s and late 1960s, which were all a hit. Annette Funicello was the most famous one on the mousekeeper, she got about 8,000 fan letters, all the rest got only about 800. She was in the “Beach Party” movie and her amazing voice just got her everywhere. Some guys even across the world asked if they could marry her, but of course she sent the rings and stuff back.…show more content…
It was good that her parents took her into dance classes because her background with dance, made her one of the most popular mousekeepers. “she was and always will be a member of the disney family” said Disney chairman and CEO bob iger.
If you didn 't Annette Funicello was also a famous singer, her singing career started in 1958 on the “Mickey Mouse Club” Funicello sang what was supposed to be a hockey ballad called “How Will i Know My Love.” Funicello released 14 solo albums by 1959. Her music resembled the style and trend about, innocent fun, innocent romance, surfing,sun. Then she stopped for a little while, like a brake. Annette went back into the studio, to record the Annette Funicello country album. a song her and her husband wrote about the trip from New York to
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