Essay On Anthem Equality

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In Anthem Equality 7-2521 he makes friends. He ends up finding a tunnel and visiting a forest in the middle of a book. During the book Equality starts being disrespectful towards the council after meeting International. He also meets Liberty and makes her his girlfriend. He does not like the fact of being controlled. He ends up being critical of the leaders and thinking about denouncing them. When Equality was young he was cooperative. He was not committing crimes. Sometimes Equality would be locked in a cellar because he would fight with his brothers. Equality was a very bright and outstanding student but did not want to use his success in class with his teachers he did not like their authority. He had tried to get his work wrong and he had tried to act like he was not smart. The teachers…show more content…
He is saying that he does not want help nor to depend on someone to be there when he messes up that he can do it himself. He also declares them in public by saying “I covert no man’s soul nor is my soul theirs to covet.” (Rand96). Equality knows his brothers want him dead but tries to show them he made electricity so that they would change their mind. He then goes to say “I am done with this creed of corruption.”(Rand97). He is refering to the council he does not want to be blamed. The advice Rand gives in her short essay Equality would agree, I think. There are some things that he would agree with. “When your impartial attitude declares, that neither the good nor the evil may expect anything from you; whom you betray and whom do you encourage?”(Rand). He would also agree that “There is no escape from the fact that men have to make choices and there is no escape from moral values.”(Rand). He is correct for being critical of the leaders demanding them in public in moral terms.
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