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PREAMBLE MISSION STATEMENT The main object of the Company is to carry on activity of social work such as to run, promote, undertake, support rural and social development including educational and training centers, vocational training institutes, libraries for the disabled, poor people and rural, taluka, district city people. Medical centers, hospitals, maternity homes, to provide medical aid, rehabilitation centers, to provide AIDS counselling, rehabilitation and awareness programs, provide services, resources for handicapped people, women and family welfare programs, health and health care centers, orphanages, old age homes, orphanages for animals, religious structures, gymnasiums to promote and run youth counselling, use of non-conventional…show more content…
Anti-corruption policy We at Charis India Care Foundation (CICF) recognize that we are called to be good stewards of all resources entrusted to us. In that context we are committed to use the resources we are endowed with, with utmost care and integrity. We fully understand that corruption has wider implications on the society at large and that poor people are adversely affected by corrupt practices. We also recognize that corruption infringes human rights and fair treatment to all concerned. That corruption can be understood in terms of “abuse of power for private gain” corruption can be in the form of fraud, misinterpretation of information, embezzlement, and misappropriation of funds. That corruption can be nepotism when a non-deserving family member or relative is employed, it can also be blackmailing by threat or violence and corruption can also be bribery which is payment made to take personal advantage. Corruption is an act of theft and hence an offence against human relationships. Our faith expects and inspires us to show integrity in all human dealings. Thus, we demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption. In the context of the above understanding of corruption we at CICF affirm that corruption in any form will not take place in our

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