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An antimicrobial is an agent that kills or inhibits the growth or reproduction of microbes (i.e. antiseptics and disinfectants). Finding out which antiseptics and disinfectants are most effective is very important as without good health people cannot function properly in society and will be continuously sick. Non-organic antimicrobials were considered miracle chemicals when they were first introduced. Even though these products promise us a better lifestyle and a safer environment for families and children to grow up in, the overuse of antibacterial cleaning products in the house may be creating tough of multi-resistant bacteria. internet encouragement express the fact that germs in the house are dangerous and must be taken away by using amounts of antibacterial or antimicrobial products available. People are now starting to understand the seriousness of overusing non-organic chemicals and are buying organic antimicrobials. It is also important to remember that bacteria actually help humans. Good germs that organically exert inside and outside our selves help us remain health by taking bad, disease-causing bacteria under control. This research project aims will help us answer the question, “Are organic or non-organic antimicrobials most effective against the survival rate of bacteria?”
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Bacteria will be taken from a toilet to inoculate an agar plate and a sample of Dettol, Domestos, Woolworths Earth Friendly Cleaner and White Spirit Vinegar will be taken using filter paper disks and will be incubated for three days. After three days, the difference in bacterial colony size and visual bacteria present will be compared. A conclusion will be drawn

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