Essay On Apple Watch

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Will Apple watch become a success for development companies? The name Apple has been dominating the world where almost everything functions in just one click or just one snap of the finger. It is a world where the whole world would function using a remote control or a touch screen mobile device. Apple has already created many devices which have already proven its worth. For instance, Apple has already created the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. However, the people behind the success of Apple’s creations are not yet contented with what they have already given the whole world. They came up with another technology inspired device which is not only an ordinary accessory, but an important tool or special accessory that anybody can use. The newest and latest creation of Apple is the Apple watch. This watch is not just an ordinary watch that can give you the time element. It is a…show more content…
It is a unique but highly innovative watch which has several functions and different features. One distinct feature of the Apple watch is its Digital Crown. The crown is used to set the time and date. The Digital Crown gives the user a chance to navigate or steer the device. It also allows the users the option to zoom in and out of the photos, scroll the lists and add data in the device. The Apple technology has developed a unique watch which has entirely new features. It is user friendly; hence, it is easy to familiarize its functions. The apple watch has several apps which are arranged simply and in good order. Navigating is easy because it will respond immediately to every command. As you look at the screen of the Apple watch you can clearly see the numbers, letters, images and graphics because of the incredibly high pixel density used in the device. The images and graphics also look great even if you’re in motion. The delicate second hand on the watch face looks amazing as it rotates slowly on the face of the
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