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Aquaponic is the bio-integrated system that combine both, hydroponic system and aquaculture under a closed re-circulated system (Mader J, 2012). Basically, hydroponic is the one of the branch of urban agriculture that has been and suitable apply by metropolitan citizen. Nutrient mineral is supply to all plant through the circulation system and this growing method is develop without present of soil. Fish or any aquatic animal are culture in a special tank that are use as a commercial aquafarming under a favourable condition. By combination both of this method, it can say that aquaponic is the sustainable agriculture, because it reuse the non-renewable resources.
During fish respiration, the oxygen and carbon dioxide has exchanged in a cycle, while the waste product from fish has highly nitrogen or ammonia content. Highly concentration of ammonia within the fish habitat will slow the growth rate of fish and it also can damage the tissue of fish or in other words, the fish will die if there is no management on water quality (Masser, Rakocy and Losordo, 1999). So, water from the fish tank is pump into the plant beds and this water contain highly nitrogen levels. Beneficial bacteria that present in a plant bed has help the process of water cleaning. Indirectly, aquaponic system has help in control water quality by a
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A scientific name for cabbage is Brassica rapa and it is subspecies of pekinensis and chinensis. Pak choy is said originate from the area Yangtzen River located in the State of china (Li, C. W., 1981). However, the vegetable is only famous and introduced as a commercial crop during the reign of the Ming Dynasty (Li, C. W., 1981). This is because, pak choy is used mostly in medical sectors and a lot use in medicine . From china, Pak choy is grown and cultivated throughout southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas as well as in several other continents

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