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Aquatic plants as biological indicator for aquatic pollution
One of the major concern in the environmental pollution is heavy metal accumulation in the natural ecosystems. The elucidation of the pollution can be explained by the analysis of water, sediment and surrounding flora and fauna. Especially it has been concerned mostly with the biological flora which is act as an indicator of the pollution. Plants are mostly used, especially the aquatic macrophytes as the water quality indicators in aquatic environments. The flow regimes of the watersheds, the chemical composition of water and the morphological characteristics of the aquatic plants are important features of the water quality. The plants are monitored in the field or in the laboratory
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Some heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and silver are unknown for metabolic activities and other physiological activities in the body. Heavy metals release into natural environments by weathering process and it is balanced in the soil naturally. But due to some anthropogenic activities, this balanced has been corrupted. Both Inadequate supply and excess supply of various nutrients cause a variety of deficiencies and diseases and syndromes. High concentrations are toxic to animals and plants. This has been continuous for many decades (Rai, Gaur and Kumar, 1981) and (Trace elements in human nutrition and health,…show more content…
Mining is one of the major sources of heavy metal pollution (Razo et al., 2004). Other anthropogenic activities like disposal of treated and untreated waste effluents that are comprising toxic heavy metals are accumulated in the natural environment. A few businesses are additionally in charge of overwhelming metal pollution in the indigenous habitat, for example, the tannery, steel plants, battery enterprises, materials, microelectronics, oil ignition and warm power plants and coal consuming force plants. Additionally, the agrochemicals, for example, pesticides and herbicides containing lethal overwhelming metals are a huge inconvenience to the substantial metal sullying in the regular habitat (Bhaskar, Kumar and Nagendrappa, 2010) and (Tchounwou et al.,

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