Essay On Archetype In Hamlet

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In contrast, Hamlet's heroic journey is different from that of a traditional hero archetype, but his character is no different from that of any other hero. In Shakespeare's drama, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Hamlet is the son of a recently murdered king. In Hamlet's eyes his uncle is the prime suspect in this murder, and his mother is also suspected of adultery because she married his uncle no long after his father's death. Right away Hamlet introduced to this atrocity and is later confronted by the ghost of his father who explains, "I am thy father's spirit,/Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night, /And for the day confin'd to fast in fires,/...Revenge his foul and most unnatural murther" ( I. v. l. 14-16, 31). Compared to Joseph Campbell's…show more content…
38 - 40). Hamlet's reaction to this accident shows his humanistic qualities that can make his character more relatable because of his mistakes. As a result, when Claudius finds out Hamlet is acting crazy he says, " The sun no sooner shall the mountains touch/But we will ship him hence, and this vile deed/ We must, with all our majesty and skill" (IV. i. l. 30-33). To clarify, Claudius couldn't tolerate Hamlet's behavior anymore because he murdered the father of his girlfriend, Ophelia, and he hide the body so no one could find it. This horrible deed doesn't place Hamlet in a good situation because he isn't really different from his uncle considering that he has finally murdered someone else. Nevertheless, Hamlet's crazy behavior demonstrates his willingness and determination to play the part so he get away from Claudius. This part of Hamlet's journey is a bit different considering that Hamlet traveled outside of his home not to face his problem but to run away from it. Eventually, Hamlet would return to his home even though his uncle would try to kill him. For example, Hamlet displays his bravery when Horatio tries to deny the offer for a duel with Ophelia's brother, Laertes. Hamlet responds to Horatio's response stating, "Not a
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