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It is important to keep in mind that architectural objects are never isolated. The actual space, whether it is a natural or a structural environment, always represents some context. Objects are becoming targets of human perception mainly in two ways: one way is the moment when the object, by its characteristics, imposes itself as the object of perception; the other way is when the object is focused willingly and purposefully for certain reasons. According to psychology of perception, to see something means to determine its place in the given entity (Arnhajm.R, 1987).
To perceive firstly the substantial entity, followed by the perception of its parts, is the basic rule of Gestalt, which makes the essence of perceptual processes. According to psychology of perception, to exclude an object from the context belongs into the domain of selective attention. For selection, it is important to identify the basic characteristics which are important for the perceived architectural object.( Alihodzic & Folic , 2010).
Any architectural object has an extensive number of properties, such as the size, number of storey, proportions, colour,
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(Arnhajm, 1990) The dynamic features of an architectural form are one of its three main features. Note, however, that not every structure built for utilitarian purposes may carry the epithet of architectural piece. Every architectural composition has certain more or less dynamic features which are perceived as decrease or increase of tension. This dual dynamic is reflected in tendency towards motion-action and contrary, towards settling down. This dimension cannot be measured mathematically nor experimentally; it exists only on the level of conscious illusion. According to psychological theory, the "illusion of motion" is not the same as the perception of motion as the result of dynamic features of the spatial composition. (Alihodzic & Folic,

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