Essay On Argentina Dirty War

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The Argentina dirty war took place between 1976-1979. The Dirty War in Argentina started after a military junta overthrew President Isabel Martínez de Perón and established a military dictatorship. The military dictatorship took over the country, and ran rampant, doing anything they wanted to. The military seized people from the streets, they were likely to never be seen again. As more evidence of human and civil rights violations came to light, The relatives of the disappeared formed a group called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and held a demonstration that brought international attention to the government-sponsored terrorism. As a result, some of the group 's leaders were arrested, as were some of the foreign journalists who came to Argentina to report on the demonstration. With foreign journalists reporting on the dirty war, it got much more publicity and more involvements were revealed. The Argentina dirty war was an extreme violation of human rights, that was responded to by many groups and organizations. The military seized control of the country. The only way for them to hold control was to eliminate all left wing opposition. Military death squads roamed the streets, picking up suspects and taking them off to unknown military installations, where they were often beaten, tortured, and never seen again. The military junta filled the presidency…show more content…
Citizens were treated terribly, plucked of the streets, taken to camps. If you were taken by the government, it was possible that you would be tortured, put in a prison camp, or just outright killed. Because of the details revealed about the violations of human rights, the gravity of the atrocities committed was not forgotten. It is ensured by the United Nations, that an event with the level of mistreatment such as this, will never happen
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