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The Argentina dirty war took place between 1976-1979. The Dirty War in Argentina started after a military junta overthrew President Isabel Martínez de Perón and established a military dictatorship. The military dictatorship took over the country, and ran rampant, doing anything they wanted to. The military seized people from the streets, they were likely to never be seen again. As more evidence of human and civil rights violations came to light, The relatives of the disappeared formed a group called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and held a demonstration that brought international attention to the government-sponsored terrorism. As a result, some of the group 's leaders were arrested, as were some of the foreign journalists who came…show more content…
Roberto Viola succeeded Lieut. Gen. Jorge Rafaél Videla, marking the end of the initial stage of the dirty war. Lieut. Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri knocked Gen. Viola out of power in December of that year. However, after he began an invasion of the Falkland islands, he was kicked out of office. The Falkland Islands war was , a short, unofficial war fought between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982 over control of the Falkland Islands and other small islands in the general area. Democracy was reinstated to Argentina when Raúl Alfonsín of the Radical Civic Union, a major centre-left political party, won the presidential election of 1983. Shortly after his inauguration, he reversed legislation passed under Bignone by announcing plans to prosecute several members of the deceased military government, including former presidents Videla, Viola, and Galtieri. He also repealed a law granting amnesty to those suspected of crimes and human rights violations during the Dirty War, and hundreds of military personnel were arrested and prosecuted. Throughout the years after these events, there were many changes in presidency, and the laws in regard to the persecution of persons involved in the dirty war. Many of the people that were involved with the dirty war are still in jail today, some serving out their sentence for the rest of their

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