Essay On Arming Teachers

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-Arming Teachers- There have been more school shootings in the past 8 years than theres has been in the past fifty years. School shootings have gotten out of control. Kids are scared to go to school because they don’t think they are safe. Most schools do intruder drills, but schools could be doing more. One possibility is arming teachers which would provide a good deterrent to school shootings. Arming teachers would be a bad thing because It will cost a mass amount of money, the teachers will need a great deal of training, and guns make the school environment very menacing and very uncomfortable. Arming teachers will cost a heap of money because there are a lot schools in the USA.Donald Lee Sheppard wrote this sentence in his article “My Daughter is a teacher, not a security guard “There are more than 100,000 public and private schools in the U.S. Assume an average of four weapons are…show more content…
Arming teachers will be good because it will discourage school shootings, make kids feel safe, teachers will get a bonus. “Gun control debate aside, the idea of armed teachers is a good idea because it will provide a deterrent to mass school shootings.” Yes, there is a possibility that arming teachers will discourage school shootings but if the shooter has a really good reason to do so, they will stop for nothing to complete what they have started. Secondly, kids will feel safer knowing they have a gun to protect them.Yes some of the kids will feel safer and that 's good, but on the other hand some of the kids will hate school; as they have grown up hating guns probably due actions that have occured in the past. Thirdly, teachers will get a bonus if they have a gun so that makes it better for teachers and the students. yes, the teachers get a bonus and at the same time the students will feel safer, some teachers will do it just for the bonus and wont make a good faith effort if a school shooter comes in.there are a lot of pros to arming teachers but there a lot
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